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Council-Rowan Ardnax: Are you speaking RL historically or from an IG perspective though?
Gralin the Spirit Born: Now, as far as most of said members respecting the tennets of the HRE autonomy, well, I'd be amused heavily at the chaotic fallout over it. But that's just me.
Gralin the Spirit Born: So about 1/3 of the game could easily regularly fight each other without breaking their treaties as HRE members.
Gralin the Spirit Born: well now, that's not true. While the holy roman empire was united more or less externally there was no outright ban on internal wars or expansions, so long as they paid homage to the emporer when time came
* Regan Alexandra Nic Kael shakes her head.
Council-Rowan Ardnax: It is when they make up half the game pop AND they're allies. ;)
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