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OEaei Zahra SitAah: Not that she needs to find a good husband, she's already got that sorted. But gives her a good position in court and something different to RP for you, should you want it.
OEaei Zahra SitAah: Ooo, Dastan, she can be one of my lady's!
Yassid Ibn Salad: To say it shortly, when can we welcome Eo within our ranks?
OEaei Zahra SitAah: Also, it's not uncommon for people to have their alt within the same nation. There are some monarchs who don't enjoy having an alt of another nations' within theirs, so people tend to stick to the same nation they already know.
OEaei Zahra SitAah: As far as I am aware, the prentice name is only on that page.
Dastan ben Sharaman: Hm I already name my prentice Eo - but I think it is nothere displayed?
The Middle-Ages..
A time full of history and

Knights, lords and kings
tried to change the world
for their purposes.

Fights, tournaments,
battles, 53 nations on a
huge map of the Middle-Ages.
Weapons and armor, horses,
your fiefdom - adventure,
glory, power and intrigues.

Knight's Honor offers you
unlimited possibilities in
a world of battle.