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TOPIC: Re:the heathen

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The Pilgrim's progress under the sign of the cross      17.09.2010 16:27:12 --- 7 Years, 8 Months ago  
One night, as Snorre was resting peacefully in his tent in Denizli, a strange creature visited him in his dreams...

"Dont be affraid brave Snorre, I've been sent to you on an holy mission by an higher instance you could find on earth..."
"What? Who art thou?"
"DONT QUESTION ME!!! I've been sent to show you the will of God."
"Which God? Do you mean Päivätär or Kuu? Whos God sent you?"
"The power that sent me has many names in all languages on earth, some call him Allah, some call him Jahveh' and you know him under the name of Päivätär ... I mean the one and only God that sent his son on earth to die for the sins of humankind"
"LEAVE ME!!! NOW!!!"
"I will not leave until you promise to go westwards and visit the grave of St. Peter and the Holy Father in Rome ... You and your son have a higher mission on earth than being monarchs, follow my instructions and God guides you to the leadership of everything to find under his heaven... Take this sign and show it to a priest, he will know what to do"

The Creature opened his armor and a pair of wings opened wide infront of Snorre,
a ball of fire was rising and hit his chest...

Snorre awoke, wet by sweating, full of pain, a candle laying on his chest, still burning.
He opened his burning nightgown, threw it into a bucket full of water and saw it... it, a red wound, smelling like burned flesh, in form of the Holy Cross.
This could'nt be just a simple dream, he felt it, not only his burned flesh, it was something like a flame burning deeper inside him, giving him the wish to act further, not in the name of his folk, instead in the name of God.
He had to go to Rome, visit the Holy Father ...
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Re:The Pilgrim's progress under the sign of the cross      19.09.2010 13:32:11 --- 7 Years, 8 Months ago  
Snorre couldnt stay with his Finns, it was necessary.
A Kingdom of pagans ruled by a believing man, this couldnt go well.
Only a few men were following his decission, men of true faith.

Inside him, there grew a desire to fight all unbelievers, to burn all heretics on the worlds thrones.
Especially them who call themselfs believers but spread around their heretic words.
He would be a strong fortress of the faith, his weapons should be his sword in the right hand and Gods words in his mind.

No unbeliever shall further desecrate the words of God, as long as he could prevent it.

So he went onwards to Rome
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Re:The Pilgrim's progress under the sign of the cross      26.09.2010 01:37:49 --- 7 Years, 8 Months ago  
The days passed by on his journey, days of privation, but he has chosen to do it why should he not feel the suffering of Christ.
It was not only the food or clean water it even came to it that he was thrown into a serbic prison just because of he looked Finnish.
For the first time on his journey, he found the time for his studies of the holy book, even though he began his journey without one, he found it in the jail and fortunately most jails in the christian nations seem to have a priest for the last sacraments for the dying.
So he spent his days with prayers, studies of Gods will and the Suffering of Christ.

As he finally got released from imprisonment he knew more about this belief that was allways so far away from him all his life long, but what was Gods plan with him? Why he saw this creature in his dreams that ordered him to pilgrim to Rome?

So he went onwards to Rome and asked the Swissguards to have an audience with the Apostolic See, telling them of his dream, his journey and the stigma on his chest.

So he waited for admittance ...
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Prisoner for the right Belief      21.11.2010 14:47:50 --- 7 Years, 6 Months ago  
The time passed by, Snorre became Pope but was not accepted, then he became Cardinal and tried to say the trueth. The next thing he could remember was, how he woke up inside the Roman Prison.
But it was not unexpected, before he called the Christians of the World to real Conclave he ordered his Secretary to sell all his stuff, village, weaponry and materials and hide the silver in the forrest outside Rome.
His Secretary, Brother Augustinus, was a very nice man and very loyal to Snorre. He even payed the Papal Guards that Snorre got books, pergament, ink and a feathers into his prison and that he will not starve inside these Papal dungeons.

So the time came to write a letter, that the world outside this prison knows what happened to the Cardinal that said the trueth...


Dear Ban Moroplovac, Kralj of Croatia,

After some trouble in the false Conclave, held by Robert de Craon and some quarrels with the false Priest John, I was arrested for my Call for a real Conclave outside Rome.
Don’t care too much about me I payed the prison-guards very well that they dont let me starve in here and hided my weaponry and all my silver well.

I still have some friends here and I hope they will help me out of prison.
Maybe we can speak each other one day in your glorious Nation.

I wish you good luck in the future and may God be with you

Snorre den blodlystne,
Prisoner of his belief

The letter left the prison the same way ink, feather and food went into it.
What would Snorre only do, without his loyal Secretary, Brother Augustinus?
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Ban Moroplovac

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Re:Prisoner for the right Belief      21.11.2010 14:58:05 --- 7 Years, 6 Months ago  
Ban had a good day , until he recieved the letter. Out of rage he threw his spear out of the window.

Oh sh... , C'mon boy , fetch- And his dog went out to fetch the spear - I certainly hope that I didn't kill anyone - made a quick smile and went off to write a letter.

Snorre den blodlystne,

I'm really sorry that you have been Imprisoned , You only have to worry about getting the hell out of that prison , You can always seek refuge in Croatia , we're near and will defend you.

About the calling of the new conclave , I'll see to it and organize it along other christian members that didn't want this conclave to be ran.

You just hold on , I can't break you out of the prison , the palace is crawling with enemy troops. The only way is to sneak out.

Best of luck in escaping , and may God bless you not to lose your weight because of the food that they give you.

Ban Moroplovac
King of Croatia
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Pilgrimage to Jerusalem      22.07.2011 23:32:45 --- 6 Years, 10 Months ago  
It had been long days and nights of travelling through middle Europe, since Snorre got his permission to pilgrim to Jerusalem. He crossed battlefields, still red by blood and military camps of different Lords and Kings, fighting these days for Land and their ways of belief.
Poor Soldiers, all Christian in belief all men of honour, all fighting for Jesus and their fatherland, but the only goal they reach is shedding blood of Christian fathers, brothers and sons of crying women at home.

Is this war really necessary? This was the only question Snorre asked himself every day.
Thinking about all the victims, his victims and others, this cruel war costed, he was laying awake every night.

So he arrived Duklja, the Serbian Kings Castle, his first bigger station on the pilgrimage to Jerusalem, in the early morning hours.
Around the Castle a bigger City soars from the hilly territory.
A big and rich marketplace he found in the centre and he was pleased about the artisanship of the Serbian Blacksmiths and the high quality of spears made there.
Booths to both sides of the streets and gates sold everything, a gentleman could need, finest surcoats and capes in southern european styling.
So he went further to the next tavern and took a room to rest for a while and to think about the fine weapons and Clothes he wanted to buy later the day....
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Re:Pilgrimage to Jerusalem      28.07.2011 20:22:02 --- 6 Years, 10 Months ago  
"Are these Surcoats made of Silk?"
"Oh yes Mylord, its the finest you'll find in southern Europe. It was imported by a Arabian Trader from a Land called Shin or something like that ... but it has its price"
"The Price doesnt matter..."
Hard Silvercoins rattled in Snorres leathern purse and one he threw to the Boothowner, to let him check the quality of his coins...
"I know its not the money you're used to trade with, but it's finest english silver stroke by Aragon's Crown..."
"I guess we can get an agreement over the price. What do you think about twohundredfifty of your Aragon silver-farthings each?"
"Twohundred each and I'll buy two surcoats, one red, one green and a cloak in green velvet"
The owner of the booth was so pleased, that he sent Snorre his oldest son to carry the cloaths to his room and to help him with the blacksmiths not used to foreign customers...

After all Snorre got all he wanted, good clothes to be seen in the who is who of Aragons highnobility
and to be clothed acceptable before God in Jerusalem, and one Byzantinian Spear made off finest steel for his son Godfrey.

Even a young man but old enough to go to war and to hold a sword,
Snorre chose his youngest son Godfrey, to be his personal protector.
His son small from stature but steelen muscles, wild blue eyes,
seeming to see everything around him, "the eyes of a hunter" the villagers say,
and blond hair in northern french cut but looking more like the rough sea than a hairstyle.
As he was just a small boy he came to Snorre and held up a small plant, a spanish broom,
so Snorre called him further Plante Genet, the french name for the plant.
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the heathen      31.07.2011 18:04:07 --- 6 Years, 9 Months ago  
"...An unbeliever? In the castle of Crete?"
"Exactly, Conde Snorre..."
"For Gods sake, guide me to him! I will help him finding the right belief on the one or the other way!
Snorre looked angry, he couldnt believe that these heathen muslims are able to get into the outposts of christendom.
He went together with his page to the castle of Crete...

It was a big Castle with strong walls, guardsmen at the entrance of it....
"Conde Snorre d'Aragón, open the gates! I'm on a holy mission, guide me to the heathen. I need to bring the word of God to this unbeliever"
The Guardsmen looked at each other, both confused by such a greeting, from a foreign man, after a moment, not longer than the blink of an eye, one of them was rushing behind the door to the gatehouse to talk to his guardofficer.
Snorre couldnt understand much of what they talked about but some words sounded for him like "Why not?" "Let him in" and "...sounds like fun for the prisoner...".
The guardsman came back made a bow infront of Snorre and lead him to the muslim prisoner.

"There we are, have fun with the prisoner, Conde Snorre..."
The Guard sneered at the muslim and nodded to Snorre.

The heathen sat on the straw covered wet floor of his cell, he smelled like he havent seen water for many years.
"Stay up, Bastard!!! Tell me which demon you are praying to!"
not even a single movement was seen by Snorre
"Stay up I said!!!... who are you? what demon you are praying to?"
Nothing happened, so Snorre walked behind the prisoner and kicked him in his back, so that his mouth touched the dirty straw infront of him.
"Namik..." it was quiet, but could be understood
"So Namik, now I know you have a tongue... whats the name of your demon?"
"Not a demon, it's Alah and Muhamad is his Prophet!"
"I said, its a demon! The bible says there is no other god than god himself ... so you're praying to a demon, everything devilswork!"
Snorre kicked again into his back...
"You can kick me as often you want, Heathen!"
Snorre pulled off his steelguard and hit him with it into his face...
"Swear off your false God or you will die and burn in hell"
The heathen began to smile...
"So I gonna die a martyr-death and my people will celebrate me"
"GUARD!!! Come and bring a whip ... Thirty lashes for the heathen!"
Snorre stood in the corner of the cell and looked at the show, after every lash he asked him to swear off and allways he heard "no" so the scenary took over half an hour until the prisoner passed out...
"Heathen, I come back tomorrow better you think about what happened today before you decide to pray to your demon furthermore!"
The celldoor crashed into the lock and Snorre was away ...
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Re:the heathen      02.08.2011 20:33:29 --- 6 Years, 9 Months ago  
The muslim was a hard nut for Snorre, over days and weeks allways the same procedure and the heathen just dont wanted to convert.
He couldnt withstand the need to torture the prisoner more than ever a person had been tortured before, so he went into the cell, commanded the guard to hang him with his feet under the ceiling and began to cut his back with his sword.
"So heathen bastard, I guess you cant withstand this very long ... So what about swearing off your false god?"
"Swear off, I said!! Do you really want to live in pain instead of in peace at home?"
the prisoner gasped
"So now that your back is open I'll burn your wounds out"
Snorre held his sword into a coal pan until it was glowing red then he pressed it into the prisoners wounds...
"If your god is so gracious and allmighty, why he doesnt help you?"
The prisoner screamed and cried but he was not giving up...

"Im fed up with you bastard, you can call yourself lucky, I'll leave this castle tomorrow and you will stay here... I have to go to Jerusalem I can't torture you over months until the sea gets too heavy to travel... GUARD, open the door I want to go, Im finished with this stubborn muslim, but promisse me to put a pest-sick in his cell if you find one."
"I really hope he dies on a gangrene, laying in his own dirt..."
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