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Logan: Hey... anyone seen Jason White in a while?
Darragh OLismore: lol Nice one Sebastian.
RP-Mod-Sebastian the Bastard: Now is when we find out that Fidel is really a spy and he had to disappear because he was on the trail of a sexy double agent turned terrorist. coming next summer to select theatres
Darragh OLismore: Creepy. Poor Fide.
Sylvester III: still on mobile BTW. the place I stopped tonight has no 24 hr places with Wi-Fi. those all closed at 10pm
Sylvester III: appears to be identity thieves since they took no Tav but did laptops and paperwork,...odd to take papers for normal thieving
The Middle-Ages..
A time full of history and

Knights, lords and kings
tried to change the world
for their purposes.

Fights, tournaments,
battles, 53 nations on a
huge map of the Middle-Ages.
Weapons and armor, horses,
your fiefdom - adventure,
glory, power and intrigues.

Knight's Honor offers you
unlimited possibilities in
a world of battle.