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Sylvester III: So, technically Gralin will also admit to not being witness to or aware of the agreement brought to mention by the 3 nations, as it likely had no relevance to a single Norwegian.
Gralin the Spirit Born: Technically gralin doesn't even know all the letters that go through diplomacy, but he(and I) do keep up a bit with the global politics, and simply hasn't heard of much rumblings from scotland or others of late until this incident.
Sylvester III: Crappy scheduling lately is also not topic for discussion in KH, thanks very much
Sylvester III: That is my last in tavern about it.
Sylvester III: O have watched Berwick for months now and NEVER saw a Scotts flag raised since the new scottish Order took power
Sylvester III: and, if it was so "native" to them, thye should have claimed and offered it to Veps, not simply left it vacant.
The Middle-Ages..
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Knights, lords and kings
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Weapons and armor, horses,
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