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TOPIC: First Post Club
Deaglan Artavasdus

Council of Knights
Posts: 4069
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First Post Club      16.05.2012 13:10:48 --- 1 Year, 11 Months ago  
The idea is to post one's first ever post as a player, which might amuse, intrigue or otherwise divert the KH community.

The process for finding one's first ever post is:

1. At the end of a thread (any thread) there is a button labelled "Favorite", press it.

2. This does some stuff ("Your favorite is being processed or somesuch), but eventually one is presented with an interface containing (amongst other settings) a section labelled "Forum Settings" and in that a link labelled "My Posts". Click that link.

3. This gives a list of links to your posts; if you have more than a few then only the latest few will be displayed. Change to viewing the earliest posts by pressing the "End >>" button.

4. Now you are looking a list of links to your earliest posts. Click on the last of these links.

5. This takes you to the thread containing your earliest post. Scroll down from the top and the first of your posts you find, is it.

6. Get the quoted text of that post, by pressing the "Quote" button. This put you in editing mode, but instead of editing and posting, just select all the text and copy it (i.e. copy and paste).

7. In this thread ("First Post Club", post a reply message: a) push the reply button, b) paste in the text copied at 6.

My first post is:

Smelgar wrote:
Given that long coastlines have proven difficult to defend, perhaps we should be looking to enhance our position in Asia Minor away from the coast? Both Bolu and Gerede are landlocked and abut Sinop, which has proven eminently defensible. In addition, Sinop has now started to grow in population, so its reinforcement with an adjacent shire may be wise. Gerede does have a border with the Akritian castle in Yenice, but they do not seem a current threat; it has the further advantage of bordering with the outpost of our brother-in-arms in Ulus, strengthening opportunities for mutual support.

Within Europe there are opportunities too: land-locked Baranya flows with honey (if not milk and honey). Bulgaria have ten knights crammed into one shire: perhaps they be encouraged to expand west, which would provide a buffer between Rome and Hungary?

We should be cautious about too rapidly reclaiming our Adriatic coastline. It may well lead to involvement in Italian politics, which has many perils that may not be matched by rewards.

We should encourage our Macedonian allies to adopt a similar focus on land-locked shires, whilst not undermining Rome's vital interests. Assuming they take Kosovo, their next move would ideally be Sterea and not Montenegro, and then a coastal province (perhaps Thessaly). This will leave us free to pursue our eventual interest in re-incorporating Montenegro followed (more importantly) by Serbia within the Empire.

NB: At that time there was no Serbia, and a large number of Roman knights were Serbian, so the goal of conquering Montenegro and Serbia was to give those Knights a place to build their shires.

Axe-wielder feared by forests across the world!
NPCs: i) Macarias the Virtuous, Patriarch of Antioch (the "Old Man" ); ii) The Protodeacon of Hagia Sophia; iii) The Eparch of the City; iv) A Guy Named Joe; v) Uncle Tom Cobley; vi) Ozymandias; vii) Flatus the Corpulent, Merchant of Antiquities; viii) Euphrosyne Roisin, elder sister.
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Derg II Likos

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Re:First Post Club      16.05.2012 14:08:52 --- 1 Year, 11 Months ago  
I have to translate,my fourth post,first three was ,hi people,how to..etc.
I will try a bit at least picturise in english, arhaic style i wrote that post,but my arhaic english is not so good ,so..


True it is,that new I am,but i recieved for this state's council invitation...

Peace they ask,would they give same to us?because from old butcher never new friend is!
What he gives to us?
That,what we already with our weapons gaining?
with Croats peace for I never am,there is no enough space on this world for them and for us.

But,when already,older and wiser heads than mine wants peace,let there be peace.

Let be known that He recognize us as Empire,let adress He to our brightening Tzar in official letters as Tzar of Great Serbia.

As much I can see it is better to abdicate not!
Defeat he will represent as acomplishment,so bad blooad will be among them,and that cheers us,
but,if someone better knows his temper,if vanity of his would accept it hard to do not sit on throne,if that would lead him in conflict,brawle and plottings more than now against their sordid (filthy) breed...then...

On war retributions add 100 silver to send to ecumenical Patriarch as a sign of humility and compensation for burning orthodox temples.
So it be known and seen,who is higher!

So that's from my side,brothers Serbian knights.

Jes da sam novi,al dobih poziv na ovo drzavno vijece...

Mir traze al dal bi nam ga dali?Jer od starog krvnika nikad novog prijatelja!
Sta nam daje?
Ono sto vec oruzjem stjecemo?
Sa hrvatima ja nikad za mir nisam,nema dovoljno prostora na ovome svijetu i za njih i za nas,

al kad vec starije i mudrije (:cheer: ) glave od mene zele mir onda nek bude mir.

Nek nas prizna za Carstvo,nek se nase mpresvijetlom Caru u sluzbenim pismima obraca kao Caru Velike Srbije,
kol'ko vidim bolje da ne abdicira...
On ce i poraz predstavljati kao dostignuce,te ce zle krvi medju njima biti,a to nama godi,
al ako neko bolje cud mu zna ,ako bi mu sujeta tesko primila da ne sjedi na tronu,ako bi ga to vodilo u sukob ,svadju i spletkarenja jos vise sa poganom im pasmninom...onda...

na ratnu odstetu dodati jos 100 srebr'njaka da ih prati Patrijarhu vaseljenskom u znak poniznosti i odstete za paljene pravoslavne hramove.
Da se zna cije je gornja.

Eto,toliko,braco srpski vitezovi.

House moto: "Īn Storm We Stand" Commander of infamous 13-ta Garava unit of Serbian army and Minister of War
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Daniel the Fortunate

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Re:First Post Club      16.05.2012 15:00:17 --- 1 Year, 11 Months ago  
Uhm, I really can't quote the first post, as it seems that - surprise, surprise, I don't have access to the Templar forum. (I wonder why... )

So I'll give ya the third, which is on a public forum. It was soon after the infamous Flavioratus grasped the power from the incapable hands of the former Grandmaster, and the Viking king of that time was condemning the action.


Later, in the castle of Krete...

The night was dark and only the sound of waves hitting the rocks the castle was built upon were disturbing the silence which veiled. The peace of the shire was recently troubled by bloody events and only for little time now the guards could return to their usual patrolling. Unrest could be still read in their eyes and their minds were troubled. A flask of wine was passed among the guards of the tower above the gates and quick prayers for forgiveness there were whispered with each gulp.

Suddenly, a sound of a galloping horse coming from the harbour could be heard. The guard raised his head over the rampart and hailed: Who rides there?! State your name and bussiness here!

With tired voice the rider answered the claim: I'm Mikal, emissary of the Thane of Norway. I carry news for your leader. Open at once!

With exquisite delicacy, the guard scratched his butt, pondering: Hmm, if I awake now the captain of the guards with this sleepless one's request, I'm up for a week with only bread and water. On the other hand, if I send him away for now, the master may not be pleased when he'll find out and this may bring much more nasty things to me. Muttering in discontent, he addressed the emissary with slow voice: Hey you, keep your voice down. The captain is in deep meditation and you don't want him disturbed. The master is not here, he's in campaign. Come in, quietly, and rest for the night! In the morning you shall meet the captain and you may talk to him.

As the gates of the town opened, Mikal was received in and sent to a guests' house. The guardsman returned to his duty, waiting impatiently the mornings with its new troubles.

In the morning, the captain of the castle met the Viking envoy: Our master is still on distant lands. Hand me the missive you are carrying, or take the voyage to the sunny Italy. Last word we received, he was camped with the rest of the army on the land known as Toscana.
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Alrik II vom Greifenstein

Council of Knights
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Re:First Post Club      27.05.2012 18:54:49 --- 1 Year, 11 Months ago  

pretty interesting, my first post was on RP

Windviper wrote:
Dear Bronco, King of the Proud People of Pruzzen

In the Name of Saxony we gratulate you to got the crown, we hope that your Lands will have always a good Harvest.

In Friendship


Chancelor of Saxony

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Re:First Post Club      27.05.2012 20:34:05 --- 1 Year, 11 Months ago  
Now here's an interesting topic.

Damn it was a long time ago...

Borna wrote:
To all Rulers of Europe

I, Borna, as a new chancellor and foreign minister of Kingdom of Croatia, by authority given to me by my fellow king Ban Moroplovac,I am honored to declare that Kingdom of Croatia will always defend Bavarian and Italian independence and may God sharpen our swords as we fight together against the intruders.

Croatia will protect and serve the new pope, defend all Christian kingdoms against infidels , and may God be always on our side, in times of peace and in times of war.

But until that time arrives, Croatia will enjoy the peace and prosperity.

Also there might soon be a great tournament in Croatia , for all nobles of all nationality to test their strength, skill and win silver.

Duke of Croatia

*signed and sealed*
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Jata Lubomirski

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to the moderators

Re:First Post Club      27.05.2012 20:37:14 --- 1 Year, 11 Months ago  
Jata Lubomirski wrote:
Dear Papikaze of Kyoto, Foreign minister of the Pechenegs

Your army entered our national territory, Pridneprovska, which borders directly on our capital Kiev.

We are concerned about this situation

Jata Lubomirski
Foreign Minister of Grand Duchy of Kiev


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Ban Matej Moreplovac

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Re:First Post Club      27.05.2012 21:43:06 --- 1 Year, 11 Months ago  
07.03.2010 16:19:11 --- 2 Years, 2 Months ago

Once upon a time on this land where the Ilirs who opposed many many time ago the Romans. When the Romans crushed the Ilirs they put settlements on this land. The Nation was born under the king of Constantinople's request to aid them against the raging barbarians that roamed the land and so the Croats came to the deffence of the Eastern Roman Empire. The Croats putted up a brave fight and pushed back the Barbarians on their lands. The king of Constantinople granted them land in the balkans (east of mainland of Italy) and so they came.... with their swords and killed most of the native cultures of Avars and Romans. Only the Romans stod a chance against them in their mighty cities. The Croats settled near those cities and merging with the native Romans.

So there become 2 minor states of Croatia (not unified) 1 was Posavska (land) Croatia and 1 was Primorska (on the sea) Croatia. Croatia was under the control of Karlo the Great (french king) but Posavska Croatia didn't want this so they raised up and rebelled against them . Primorska Croatia as being loyal to French sided with them and defeated his Croatian brother and claimed both lands. Then the Franks spread Christian faith among the Croats and so the Croats became a cristian country. The First Croat that unified all of Croatias land is Rex Chroatorum Tomislav in 925. The King of Contstantinopole granted The king of Croatia control over the Dalmatian cities. Croatia controled Zahumlje , Dalmatia , Styria , Bosnien , Panonia (Posavska H.) , Macva and Bosnia. Croatia's allies were Duklja , Constantinopole , Vatican and some minor states. Arch enemies were Venice who wanted to cotntrol dalmatian cities.
BLUE- control of Croatia
Light BLUE- temporary power (wars on either side) it was frequently lost and gained during wars
Purple- part of Dalmatia and mostly the kingdom of Duklja


To the pope in Vatican
I Ban Moroplovac herby ask you to bless my people as i rightfuly claim Croatia for the glory of all chrisendom countries Croatia will stand fast with Vatican as we always did...

For the Glory of my people
your friend and vassal Ban Moroplovac of Croatia

this is a formal request to grant my country to this game as you did to Duklja.

info about Croatia

I guess this was something like my petition for the Kingdom of Croatia, in the nations-RP part of the board.

Also I remember Borna's first post well. It was me teaching him how to be a chancellor for the Kingdom of Croatia at the time

Parata sedes tua!
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to the moderators

Re:First Post Club      28.05.2012 15:36:38 --- 1 Year, 11 Months ago  
Odin 09.04.2009 06:24:51 --- 3 Years, 1 Month ago

The life of Sigfried reach the 18th spring in a sunny day. It was a day like any other, until the old seer Sigfried called him father come and told him the story of his real parents: Sigurd the Dragon's Slayer and Brunhilde the Maiden, Queen of Iceland. It took some time until the young realize the importance of the moment and the words reach his mind..
Even the Christianity is spreading fast all around the world, the old ways are still strong and many people still worship the Old Gods.They didn't died yet in the hearths of the people and their power didn't fade yet.
His father was a man of great deeds, but what impressed most the young boy was the fact he had a mother who keep him in his arms, smiling, a small treasure filled with love.
The anger grow inside until become a river, he rise the fist to the skies and his cry hit the heights like a challenge:
- ODIN !!
He think over and over again about Odin's revenge on his mother who made her to kills herself in the end. A tear drop from the Sigfried's soul badly hurt. Ravaged, exhausted, he fall asleep here where he was, insensible to the cold of the earth.
In the morning, the only father he knew, the seer, come with new clothes and his horse was also prepared to go.
The long journey of young Sigfried live just started!
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Gerard de Saint Omer

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to the moderators

Re:First Post Club      28.05.2012 17:46:21 --- 1 Year, 11 Months ago  
Hmm.. I think is is my first RP post... I think

The Ambush 15.07.2010 23:40:01 --- 1 Year, 10 Months ago

Its raining lightly.
I'm still on the road with my squires.

While entering in a dense forest, one of my soldiers saw a camp fire.
We've aproached quietly. Around the fire 7 bandits were sleeping and next to them a girl tied to a tree. As we were protectors of the Chivalric code it was our duty to save the girl.
Soon we've launched a surprise attack on the sleeping bandits. Me and my brave men were 10 at number and we have not encountered any resistance. The bandits near the fire were killed almost instantaneous.
The girl waked up and wa begging us not to kill her. I told her that we are here to rescue her and asked if there are any bandits left. She told me that this forest is crawling with bandits.. and that there are 50 or more bandits near the camp.
Bad news indeed. I've talked with my men and asked their advice. We were only 10 at number.

Gurth, my chief protector adviced me to wait the bandits in the shadows, and, once more launch a surprise attack on them. It was a good plant, and we have applied it.
It didnt worked as we wanted to. We were outnumbered 6 to 1 and soon we were surrounded. Despite of our courage, we will not see the daylight.

Just when the odds were against us, friendly faces appeared: it was La Hire, Hadrian, was the French Army.
God sent them. We were saved.
8 of my squires were already dead; Gurth were one of them.. .
This person followed me all over the Europe, and now he is dead. He earned a shot that had to be mine.

La Hire helped me to bury all this brave men, protectors of the Chivalric Code.
The last of my squires fell in love with the young lady we have helped, so I've let him go freely.

I've saluted the French army and continued my journey and quest.,com_fireboard/Itemid,181/func,view/catid,5/id,71813/#71813
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Aelia Pulcheria

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Re:First Post Club      28.05.2012 19:14:32 --- 1 Year, 11 Months ago  
3 years and 3 months ago Julian wrote:
On behalf of the Emperor Balbok at Byzantium his Protoasekretes Julian sends a message to the Christian world:

The Roman Emperor at Byzantium greets the Christian monarchs!

When Constantine the Great founded the city that was named Constantinople after him, he made it the capital of the largest empire the world had ever seen and he submitted it to our Heavenly Lord Jesus Christ.
Centuries have passed and several of the Roman provinces have become Christian realms since then. We, Balbok, Emperor of the Roman Empire at Constantinople or now Byzantium welcome you, the monarchs of these realms, as our cousins.
Other provinces have been captured and subdued to the evil cult of a false prophet. Still there live Christians in those provinces. They live under oppression and cry for help. We are hopeful that our cousins will not ignore their agony.
The Roman Empire will continue the legacy of our great ancestor and serve our triune God with all our power. We hope that the revered Patriarchs of Constantinople, the Vatican and of the other dioceses will succeed in keeping the faith strong and pure.

May our almighty God help us all in serving his cause!

Balbok, Roman Emperor at Byzantium

of the Roman Empire

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