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TOPIC: Re:Invitation to those left with artistic talent...
Dietrich den Uxi

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to the moderators

Re:Invitation to those left with artistic talent...      06.05.2011 15:32:15 --- 5 Years ago  
Good idea. We'll just do all the rounds freely with a prolonged time of submission and count the votes in the end.
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Colby Calistasson: And Eo
Colby Calistasson: Congratulations Dastan and Would.
Colby Calistasson: The lady is right. The funds are assigned by the Monarch in the. "my Nation" screen.
Colby Calistasson: I beg pardon Mirabella, I was thinking he was another Logan and did not notice he was your vassal.
Jata III Lubomirski: im looking for nice wife , and im looking at you Elvira , you are a treasure of central Europe
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