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TOPIC: New Child

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New Child      21.07.2011 13:14:40 --- 5 Years, 1 Month ago  
It was sad that her husband had died recently.

Her two oys were the joy of her life and helped her to face the pain of loosing the love of her life.

What was the surprise when Alane discovered she was pregnant again.

"The last memory of you..." She says with her hands over the belly.

She discovered the pregnancy in the middle of the war against Polland, and now she returned to her home to have her baby, her new hope.
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* Ardmaho Howillian has a drink as he looks around for his family
Maksym Lubomirski: or he will grab your hand and show a stars, gaayyyyyyy
Maksym Lubomirski:
Council-Alar III: And if you don't understand anything from what Jata just said, just join Poland and he'll enlighten you.
Jata III Lubomirski: T4 weapons(regional) costs a lot damn
Jata III Lubomirski: yeah just buy T1 weapon and build up your fief, if you have nice income ~15 you can switch weapon for T2, then just fiefdom , after finishing LVL 4 fief building you should be able to buy T3 weapon and good shield, and slowly T3 armor,
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