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TOPIC: Re:Life goes on

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Trust, honor, chivarly      12.07.2011 16:56:03 --- 6 Years, 10 Months ago  
Croatian armies were in Graubenden in case any Seriban army try to use Italian lands. NAP with Serbia was over and Borna sended message to Serbian, Hungarian and Sicilian leaders, message in which he wrote they can't use Croatian teritory without permision anymore, but since there was "situation" he granted them few more weeks to use Croatian land. But then scout reported that Serbian army is in Aquileja after those few weeks.
So Borna declared war on Seriba.

Kristian, asemble everyone, every count, knight, soldier, everyone. I want to see Croatian ranks in order in 5 minutes.

Yes my lord

After 5 minutes Borna went out of his tent looked around, and steped up on some rock.He was watching his army proudly. Everyone was here. He saw his counts are first in lines and smiled to them. Kristian and Wolfrick were standing in front of everyone in center.

Listen to me my brothers. We are at war with Serbia as you already heard. They have violated Croatian soil, which isn't tolerated to anyone. We may not be able to defeat them, win war or anything like that. But I'm proud to be Croat and I would die for my country and I know all of you would. This time war isn't our fault, Croatia needs us and I want all of you to do your best in defending Croatian collors. Now prepare for moveout. We march to war.
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Ban Moroplovac

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Re:Trust, honor, chivarly      13.07.2011 13:00:28 --- 6 Years, 10 Months ago  
It was dawn, clouds were appearing from the west, filled with dark and hatred. Rain will soon fall to clean the blood spilled of the innocent Burgundians by the vicious Serbians and their pets Hungarians. Dawn was rising to give a new hope for the war, to turn the tables. After the mock fight with the Aragon's troops the Croatians were fresh and ready to fight, war tents were filled with laughter and beer, especially beer. French forces arrived soon and joined the party before the war. All of western Catholics were preparing to defend Burgundy and their weak and innocent peasants.

It started to rain just as Ban was passing through the new tent of the French forces, that was the only language Ban can never figure it out, other than the word "Merci" or "Sacrebleu" the other words were very confusing him. Ban was walking alongside his comrade Erwin, they were discussing what went wrong and good in the mock battle and where should they improve their technique. As they were walking by the saw the training fields. Ban put his old hands and rested them on the wooden fence, Erwin did the same and they watched young men fighting and training.

- Remember the days we trained like this, all day long to become the best there is. - Started Erwin as he looked the young soldiers.

- And now we're cold hearted veterans and we practice by killing the enemy - Ban smiled and turned his head to Erwin.

- Haha, that's right my fellow, now we just stab stibidy stab everyone and win battles. I'm getting tired of this, let's go grab some beer. - Erwin turned around and went into the tavern-tent. Ban stayed for a few seconds longer and went with him. They both grabbed their beer, drinked quickly and went into the Croatian war tent.

The rain got harder and the wind started to blow heavier, yet all continued well, the men were strong and vigilant and aren't bothered by the weather, as long as there is going to be a fight they'll wait.

In the Croatian war tent there was a small "throne" so to say in the middle, in front of the throne there was a giant table with the map of the region we're now in. Around the table are chairs and special tables for beer so the map can't be spoiled by beer. in the back of the war tent there is a small armory and of course the kings bed, with two guards placed in front of it.

Ban approached the table and noticed there weren't any foreign commanders. he approached Borna and took a bow. Then started.

- My king, where are the other commanders, shouldn't we be coordinating with them? If we don't this whole operation is doomed to failure.

- They make their own strategies and we make our own, if we get the same idea we cooperate, if we don't we go separate ways.

- Forgive my tone but that's stupid, have you two younglings forgot how to fight wars? You need to coordinate with your allies and friends. I'm going to go to the others war tents and discuss strategy there. Of course if you allow me.

Borna took a minute to think then answered. - Do as you want to, but remember our strategy and try to convince them to do the same - then he took a sip off beer and rested on his throne.

Ban quickly went outside, Erwin could hardly catch up with him....
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Re:Trust, honor, chivarly      17.07.2011 02:06:25 --- 6 Years, 10 Months ago  
It was cold in dungeon. Guards were having fun and was talking loud about their lords plans, they didnt seem very smart. Borna and Wolfrick were locked in same room and they both couldnt belive how stupid way they got them to this situation. Then strange noise came from outside. Guards quickly runed outside to see whats happening. Borna saw them falling with arows in their bodies. Schwaben was under attack. Borna's heart started to beet swifter. He told to Wolfrick:

Is it posible? Our allies are already invading them?

So it seems - answered Wolfrick

In few minuter two soldiers entered the room and saw them. They quickly smashed the doors and one of them said:

My lord, you are free now, now go outside King Wikerus, King Black Raven and Grand Duke Denis are waiting for you.

Thank you - answered Borna - there are more Croatian soldiers here. Free them and tell them that im waiting for them outside, also tell them to hurry.

There was no time to waste. Borna and Wolfrick walked outside.

Borna told to leaders that he will ride to Arlberg as soon his troops get out of jail. He asked for something to eat and drink for him and his mans that were already runing toward him. After they got drink and food they all sat on horses and rode to Arlberg... there was no much time to waste.
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Re:Trust, honor, chivarly      19.07.2011 01:31:53 --- 6 Years, 10 Months ago  
Borna was riding swiftly, faster then anyone, he's knights were left behind, only Kristian, his personal guardian and commander of Royal Bodyguard which numbered 20 elite footmans called "Bloodless" since no one ever saw them bleeding, keeped up. Soon, on crossroad of Center of Arlberg which was defenseless and road that lead straight to Tirolo he stoped and waited for his knights to catch up. After several minutes they were all here.

-Listen to me. You all go to center of Arlberg and defend it if attacked.
-But wh... -Erwin started, but Borna cuted him off - Theres no time, listen to me.

-Svaboo, form army there and be prepared for battle, or moveout, there's a chance Serbs will attack Salzburg in which case you need to move imediatly.
-Yes my King-he answered

-Wolfrick you are in charge while im gone along with Strahimir which is commander since he's more experienced then you are, you two coordinate actions and cooperate. Also coordinate with Burgundian, Saxonian and French commanders.
They both saluted.

-Also Wolfrick you represent me and Croatia in their presence and listen to what they talk, you will learn much if you do so. Im in haste to Tirolo.

-Kristian, asemble Royal Bodyguard and prepare to moveout. Feed horses and take 10 minutes rest, then we move.
-Yes my Lord-he answered

Then after 10 minutes they seperated, knights that will make main army went to Arlberg, while Borna and "Bloodess" rode to Tirolo

On their way they could've seend black smoke in the air, and place from where that smoke came from. It was small village north-west of Salzburg. Borna imediatly figured out whats happening. He sent his sergeant with 9 more guards to Arlberg to bring the news to them and to join army, and to move to Salzburg.
Borna hated to see Croatian peasants being raped, murdered, tortured and who know whatelse, to see Croatian land on fire, and worse, he hated cognition that he cant help them.

-There is more life and more land to be saved. Its to late to save Salzburg now, atleast for us, maybe not for army in Arlberg. We must ride now- said Borna to his Bodyguards
Then Kristian asked him:
-How can you be so cold, how can you leave your people?

And then Borna pissed of.


Then Kristian realized that he over reacted and that he crosed the line and said:
-I'm sorry my King, ofcourse i don't. I just hate to see our people suffer...
But he was cutted off by Borna, which got back to normal condition from crazy like a dog.
-So do I, but there is no time to talk now we need to ride as fast as we can.

They rode and rode and finaly reached Tirolo, and as they came, news came that Salzburg has fallen.
Borna afforded only one day pause for him, his Guards and their horses.

Then in dawn they rode to...
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Re:Trust, honor, chivarly      22.07.2011 01:37:45 --- 6 Years, 10 Months ago  
After few months of unstopable riding with very litle rest, Borna and his bodyguards reached their destination: Istra. There they could rest for a while since they could've dont nothing, for now. News were coming from everywhere about army movements. One messenger reported that Serbs are in Steiermark. Borna imediatly asebled an army which was consisted mostly of young knights that just got old enough to serve to country.

Then soon after army has been asembled, Zenatian army came to Istra and were entering on south gates, which were strongest of all city gates,made of steel and copper. In same moment Italian army was entering castle on western gates and one Burgundian on east. Borna then asembled all of commanders in his Royal Hall. They disscussed and reached conclusion that Steiermark should be retaken as soon as posible. Borna got out of Hall with Kalisto and zzup and gave an order for moveout.


Armies have reached Steiermark and combined with armies of Papal State and other Burgundiand army. They have set up tents and started to prepare for battle. People of Steiermark have rebeled against Serbian goverment and managed to get rid of it. This meant that Serbs are in Panonia, so he sent to Zenatian army, since it was closest to Panonia,request which they accepted that one of his scouts that know this area well lead them to Panonian castle to defend it by shorter and faster way.

But people of Steiermark werent happy when their King came. They were tired of war and didnt want to participate in it any longer. But Croatia needed all their people and materials, and Steiermark is part of it. Borna and commanders went to negotiate to town. Some of people were happy, some didnt like it, and some didnt know what to think. After negotiations Borna got out of town very angry. Rebels didnt want to surender. It was a hard desicion but he had to made it. He talked to commanders and they all agreed that they need Steiermark and desided that they need to lay siege on town.
They all prepared their armies and have surounded city. But there was an army missing.

Borna asked Kristian where are Italians. Then he looked at Kristian's face which was petrified. He raised his hand and pointed to town. Borna saw Italian banners. He couldnt belive what he see. Then he send riders to tell commanders that Italian army is in city and is defending the city and that caution is necesary, since there might be misunderstanding. They decided to take city fast in order to prevent many casualties on both sides.

Attack has beggun. He saw from hill south of town from where his army supose to launch attack that Burgundian and Papal States armies have launched attack already. Then he ordered horns to be blown. His army charged on town.

Battering ram was in front of gates and Count Antimonius ordered to breach them since he commanded assault on gates with his division. Borna and his division have set ladders right of gates. Battle was fierce and messed up. Italian banners were not visible. But Borna saw that town is their already since armies of Papal state and Burgundy were regrouping under town gates inside town, Papal State army on west, and Burgundian army north.

But then he saw a man runing in his direction. He hitted him with his axe and man felt down. Then he removed mans helmet and under armor he could see Italian flag. He quickly asked for water. He slaped man few times and man woke up and recovered a bit. Then he realized who he looks at. He started to talk in panic:

"King Borna sir, thank god its you."
"Relax, here's water for you, get better and then tell me why the hell have you fought against us" - answere Borna

But in that moment Antimonius came and told that we have captured city. Borna dissmised him and then told to Italian soldier to continue.

"Those savages have captured King Rhodry and Chancellor Kalisto. Then they have send man to us, Italians, that they captured them. In our rage and anger we tryed to attack town and free our dear leaders but since we were closest to town no one noticed it. But even before we reached town we got ambushed and captured. We were treated well but what they did wasnt nice and we were trying to escape but we werent able just because they were too many. And then they saw armies around town. Then they gave us some ordinary clothes in haste made few banners that looked like Italian. We were forced to hold them, they hoped it will scare you or confuse you or i dont know what. But when they saw you are launching attacke they have took our banners and drop them from walls. On every of Italian soldiers there was one of rebels to watch for him, some knights even had two like King Rhodry or Chancellor Kalisto and few more. We were under threat of death sir there was no way beat them. And then battle started. All of Italians were on diffrent spaces on walls so we couldnt even talk or plan escape or whatever. In battle you couldnt recognize us since us and rebels looked same as you noticed perhaps..." then he puted hand on his head and then continued "... and we didnt have time to let you know that we are we since attack was fast and it was almost imposible to do so. As you see i tryed but even you Sir have think of me as some rebel."

Then he stopped talking and he looked like he doesnt have anything else to say.

Then Borna told: "Im sorry that i hitted you, but i though you are one of them."
"Apologie accepted sir." answered soldier

"Kristian, get food and more watter for this man, also place him in somewhere where he will fell well and provide medical care for him" said Borna
"Yes my King." answered Kristian

Then Borna went to center of town. He ordered to his man to find Italians and give them food, watter and hospitality. He also kindly asked Burgundian and Papal State soldiers to do so.

Then he told Kristian to asemble people of town on main town square. After half of hour he came there and climbed to higher spot so all could see him. He started to talk:

"People of Steiermark! You all managed to get rid of Serbian goverment which I thank you for. But also you have rebeled against your King, and more important your country. I know your reasons and I understand them well, but if all other can help to their country I think you should to. So lets call it a tie since no one died except leaders of this rebelion and man that fought against us. You wont be punished, but you wont get rewarded either. Now im asking you to swear to Croatia again."

After two minutes they all sweared as one.
Then Borna said:

"Now help to Papal State and Burgundian soldiers in finding Italians which were forced to fight against us. And after you do so i want you to treat them as they are your family. Now get to work."

Then he asked for all commanders to come to Town Hall where they should disscus further plans.
Also more banners were visible already: Saxonian, French, Burgundian and Zenatian that was retreating from Panonia which was obviously and unfourtantly lost. So he sended riders with message that armies can enter town freely and kindly asked for presence of commanders in Town Hall in order to disscus further plans.
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Ban Moroplovac

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Re:Trust, honor, chivarly      25.07.2011 19:27:47 --- 6 Years, 10 Months ago  
The sun was shining, the wind was blowing lightly and the sun wasn't burning so much. A perfect day for battle thought Ban as he was preparing his spear and bow for battle. The bow was engraved with this note "He who wields this bow shall not falter" this was a gift from a Bavarian bowmaker, this brought Ban luck in many battles and he is going to use it today.

The armies were preparing, the Zenatian mercenaries were adapting to the climate, the Saxons dueling on the training grounds alongside their brothers the Burgundians and the Croatians with Italians and the Vatican troop were practicing firing from their bows to dueling 3 on 1 situations. The French of course were courting the local women. A storm was coming from the north-west, but it wouldn't be in full power yet. Lighting was heard in a great distance, Ban took this as a good sign because his family's motto was "The Storm is coming", God himself was giving a blessing to the catholic armies against the orthodox who invade catholic lands.

Borna was anxious to get the province back and furious that he didn't prevent the army from destroying the villages. His temper was lashed out in a duel with a knight, he pounded him until the knight yealded. Ban was watching that duel and thought to himself >>>He's getting better and better, anger moves him as well as improves his skills, but we must not make a tragic move or all will be lost<<<. The Zenatians were composed of mostly archers, they were going to fire first at the Serbians. Then the Croatian and Italian archers who mostly have longbows, then the Burgundians and Saxons are going to charge with their horsemen and the hablers of the Papal states will prevent their Calvary for working efficiently. All was planned by the leaders of these nations. Ban didn't partake in any of them, he decided he would just listen to orders and have fun killing, that reminded him of vikings.

The storm was getting closer and the battle was about to start.

The plan went well, Zenatian archers took down the Serbian infantry, then the Croatian-Italian archers did their job, the Serbian charge came sooner than expected to the Halberd units were moved quickly forward, the Serbian cavalry slaughtered by the long and sharp halberds and spears of the Papal states armies. Then the Saxons and Burgundians circled around the battlefield encircling the Serbian army, the only way to retreat was to cross a bridge over a river. The French charged with such ferocity they Serbian morale quaked.

The battle went well for the catholic coalition, the Serbians were retreating, but in that moment lighting struck at the bridge burning it down. The Serbians watched and shivered as their last escape rout was the river. They ran towards the river and tried to get on the other side, the river current was really strong and to make things worse the rain started to fall, the Coalition was already celebrating their victory seeing the Serbians drowning and running back to their Godforsaken lands in Bosnia. Ban saw Ljudislav and all the other Serbian nobles successfully swimming through the hard river current. Ban cursed as he saw his rivals esacpe with their lives, he thought they would be dead for sure, but you cannot exterminate the rats so easily.

The war was about to take another turn for better...
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Ban Moroplovac

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Re:Trust, honor, chivarly      28.07.2011 16:26:54 --- 6 Years, 10 Months ago  
The horns were blown and the charge went on. Ban found himself in a situation where 6 or 7 nations joined together against an aggressor that is Serbia finally found themselves on their ground leading a defensive war. Ban was happy with this turn of the events, after beating and smacking the Serbians in Panonia with river doing it's best the race went on which army will first find the Serbians. All the armies found them immediately because they were in the one place all will look. At Knez Lazar's fortress in Bosnia shivering in it. The Templar and Byzantium forces were standing tall in front of the castle waiting for the onslaught. Ban thought to himself >>>Hyrkan is probably convincing Ljudislav to man up and get outside because if we breach into the castle they're all doomed<<< after that he saw the Serbian army come out still battered from the fight in Panonia. >>>Ha ! the whelp was actually convinced to deal with us like a man, he'll pay for that mistake dearly<<<.

The allied forces amassed on a hilltop inclining the castle, with nowhere to go the "defenders" striked first, charging towards the coalition's armies the clash was immensive. Many died of arrow fire, some from spears and others from axes but the most died from Beor's hands and his trusty weapon.

Ban fired a few arrows, he was aiming for Lazar which he immediately saw in a distance he recognized his rival well. He fired and failed to hit him >>>He's hiding among the peasants so just he wouldn't get killed by an arrow and get embarrassed...but I'll do something much worse...<<< Ban drew his spear and went onward into the front. He took a good pounding and delivered a good pounding, many died and sreamed in terror near him both his allies and friends and his enemies. Finally the morale of the Serbian-Byzantium-Templar Order was crushed, they started panicking and running, Hyrkan led his troops away from the battlefield to Macva, Gospodar Vozdovca lead the Byzantium troops to Slavonija, while the Serbians ran left and right without leadership, Lazar went into the forest, Stefan Dusan Nemanjic and Ljudislav ran to the castle while the other Serbian nobles like Vukodav stole some horses and went faster than you can say "Sons of a fat chicken!". Ban saw Lazar trying to escape, took Borna's horse and went on for him.

As he was chasing him through the forest Lazar cursed Ban with insulting words and tried to escape with guile and cunning, none of this helped him as Ban had a noose with him, he once used the noose to capture a brigand, he threw the noose onto the brigands head and almost choked him as he was caught. This was the same tactic Ban used on Lazar. He was running like the wind. But Borna's horse was faster, so faster that Ban could easily drop the noose onto Lazar. When he did Lazar went down and Ban with him, he quickly pulled some rope and tied Lazar up. Then Lazar was forced to walk/run as Ban wanted to the same castle he constructed. The shame was too much for him - thought Ban as he put Lazar into his own cell that he built, probably especially for Ban.

- I'll do the same thing you did to me - then Ban grabbed the guards sword and started hitting the cell, the sound was very painful and strong, same as Lazar did to him when he was imprisoned - I'm going to have sooo much fun my dear Lazar, enjoy your cage. - Ban went outside to celebrate, but came back at night to torture Lazar, it was so much fun that he did it every night because he slept during the day. Ban one day came to Lazar and said - Why didn't your king accept the peace, I've now gotta go pillage your villages and touch your ugly women, God spitted down on them and gave them these ugly faces. No wonder how you didn't find a wife in Serbia, that's why you were always coming in Croatia.

Ban went outside to the nearest catholic chapel to pray for blessing from God. He needed much help from him because he was gonna touch some ugly Serbian women in the following days.

-God give me strength, PLEASE!!!
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Re:Trust, honor, chivarly      30.07.2011 23:09:28 --- 6 Years, 9 Months ago  
After battle in Panonia, which was fierce, alied armies crosed into Bosnia, Serbian homeland. Serbia was finally to fight on their own ground, and see how it is when you are being attacked by stronger one. In their land, numbers where on their side, but numbers arent always what counts. Aliies were well equiped, better trained and with bigger morale. Those factors were more important the numbers at the moment.

Tactic was simple. First line was composed of spearmans and light infantry, second of heavy shock troops which suposed to crush the enemy once front is established. Third line were archers, and cavarly was placed on flanks to cover them or to suround the enemy if oportunity show up. Borna was standing in second line, to lead charge of shock troops. He dismounted his horse and send it to Ban, since he knew what Ban is planing to do, he suposed that Ban will need a horse.

He saw Serbian armies charging, trying to break through and atleast make a fallback path. But first line holded the charge and held their ground. Archers were doing their job. Since first line of allied troops was holding front line, archers were firing on rear lines of Serbian charge. But then Byzantian troops charged left flank of army, and cavarly was sent to hold them of. In same moment Templar soldiers stroke on first line and now it was harder to hold front line. Borna and shock troops charged on enemies. Battle was fierce. Fiercer then one in Panonia. Shitloads of enemies, arows flying everywhere screams from evey side... total chaos.

Borna was striking everywhere around, hitting and missing. He recived many hits. He was heavily injured. And then he saw Stefan Dusan Nemanjic, one of the mightiest Serbian nobles. Stefan also noticed him and started to breakthrough soldiers to Borna. Borna did same, but since he was breaking through Serbian line, with his man behind, he got hitted many times. But he was still standing. And then sudenly, while Borna was hitting Serbian soldier and finished him, he turned and Stefan already stroke him. But Borna used his last pieces of strenght to hit him back, and he did, right in the heart, but armor held on and lowed power of Borna's strike. Thats all he rememberd...

Borna woke up. He felt well. He heard sounds of celebration, soldiers were singing outside the tent. His bed was surounded by his man.

Then someone someone talked. Borna turned to where voice was coming from and realized its Ban.

Ban said: "You crazy bastard. You went through Serbian frontline alone and break through. I saw you hitting Stefan while you were falling. I couldnt help you my friend. I was chasing that coward Lazar and I was far so...."

Borna answered:"That shithead Stefan will get what he deserves, sooner or later. That coward attacked me from behind. Did you atleast catch Lazar?"

"Yes I did, I'l play with him later... also most of Serbian leadership is captured.
Hmmm, when I think again I'l go play with Lazar now, now that I know you're ok."

"Go then, make him cry, which shouldnt be hard. Also send my regards to Stefan."

"I will my friend, have rest now" said Ban and walked out of tent.

Borna got out of bed and tryied to prepare his man for what was coming, but he realized that he also doesnt have answer to not to throw up when you see Serbian woman.
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Re:Trust, honor, chivarly      03.08.2011 17:12:27 --- 6 Years, 9 Months ago  
After battle in Bosnia, from which Borna recovered fully and in only few days, Borna was practicing with Ban a bit further from army encampments to get back in good condition and improve skills.

But in that moment soldier arrived carrying message and asked for King Borna. The message was from his count Antimonius which replaced him in all duties while King was resting from battle and getting back to form.
The message was simple and said "Serbia turned down peace offer."

Borna and Ban immediately rode to encampments and entered his tent where Antimonius and Kristian were already waiting for him.

"Are our armies in order and ready?" asked Borna
"Yes my liege, all troops are prepared for move out." answered Antimonius
"Good. In that case, Antimonius, lead bigger part of army on Buda and then if chance shows up penetrate further in Hungary. If I hear even a whisper about raping and torching Antimonius I will consider you guilty and you will be punished."

Antimonius saluted and immediately marched out of tent.
Borna continued:

" I will lead other army. We march at once. We march on Travunia first, and after that, we go where we can. Same for us, no raping and torching. We just take over settlement. If anyone decides to try to stop us, and if it's bigger formation in that case we will have to fight with them. Serbian people is not guilty for all this mess, it's Serbian leadership which is already in jail."

Kristian saluted and went outside to pass orders to other soldiers.

Borna said to Ban:

"Why are they so stubborn and stupid and don't accept peace which is more then merciful, why they want to see their people suffer , are they so thirsty for blood?"

"Apparently they are, now people will have to suffer because they don't have honor, dignity and balls to accept they lost their war. They "enjoy" in prison while their people will suffer, we both know they will resist because they are afraid of their leadership."
"Yes we both know that. Well lets hope that they wont resist and that they will understand from what we are freeing them. Now we must go. I still must go to ask Rhodry for his assistance in case they form army in their town again, and also I will ask for assistance from Burgundy, they can separate one army I think."

After Rhodry decided to follow Borna with his army and after Burgundy provided one army, they all together marched on Travunia and after breaking resistance fought against Templars. Surprising Byzantium troops were fighting against Templars. For what reason, no one knows.
After that they took over Macva and Slavonia where Bavarian army was engaged along with town soldiers, but they were easily defeated.

Now further plan is to be made after news about Serbian allies assaulting town of Bosnia.
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Re:Trust, honor, chivarly      07.08.2011 02:00:06 --- 6 Years, 9 Months ago  
Plan was finished.
After Bosnia was successfully defended, Burgundian armies were sent to Panonia, Papal State army went to defend Macva, and Croatian and Italian army in Slavonia had to take a rest after many fought battles, soldiers were tired and their fighting capabilities were in best case questionable. While resting, they still decided to maintain their fitness and trained a bit. But Borna was training hard with Ban and Kristian. They were practicing some new moves and of course trained some old but not less valued moves.

But those days of rest passed fast, and order for move out was given. Croatian and Italian army went to Bosnia to reinforce defense which wasn't quite necessary but in order to maintain that important strategic position Borna and Rhodry decided that they don't want to risk it.

When they all arrived to Bosnia they saw trails of destruction and of battle. There was still some blood on grass and few arrows on the ground. Borna even found someone's hand. He hoped some Serbian soldier was sacked.

They entered the town and all people on streets were mumbling something. Borna sent Kristian to find out what's happening. He also promoted Ban to Minister of inner affairs. Borna went to look around town, who knew, maybe he find out something. Many things are being whispered on the streets.
But luck didn't favor him. He heard all he already knew so he went back to barracks of his troops to order mutual training "battle". He came back and Kristian was already waiting for him.

"My lord I have news. Fatimids declared war on Byzant and Templars, Khazar went to war against Byzant as mercenaries and also Pechenegs declared war on Byzant."

Borna could not believe what he just heard. That means that Serbia won't have protection from Templars and Byzantium troops.

"Good job commander. Now Serbia have no bigger army for defense. Go and prepare attack on Travunia. Also ask King Rhodry to come with us with his army. "

"Yes my lord. He's over there" Kristian pointed with finger to a table in the middle of room " talking with soldiers."

"Thank you commander."

Kristian saluted and went to prepare army.

Borna ordered beer and drink it while army was preparing. Then he went outside where his army was ready, waiting for move out order. Borna saw Italian army getting in ranks so he supposed that Rhodry accepted his offer. He ordered move out. Italian ranks will be ready in less then minute so they will look like one army.
They all marched on Travunia.


They came to Travunia and made encampment. Borna sent some scouts to see what he's dealing with.
Then rider came with a message in which was written that Papal State army came to late to Macva to defend it, and got attacked by Serbian army there along with some peasants. Fortunately they have won the battle.
Borna ordered one of soldiers to feed horse and rider and provide him with some water.

Scouts returned in next hour. They brought news that there is Byzantium army in town and prepared for battle.
Borna was surprised by this since he expected that Byzantium army will go to defend their homeland. He went to his tent with Kristian to make battle plan. After a short discussion plan was over. Italian army and Croatian army will fight as one. All cavalry was placed on right flank to protect it and hit left flank of enemy army, while left was protected by unit which consisted of halberdiers and two more units of spearmans right of them in first line along with light infantry. In second line was heavy infantry and in third line archers .

All units deployed in order and enemy army was on sight. Battle was about to begin.

While armies were getting close to each other, skirmishing begun. When armies got close enough, Borna ordered first line to charge and also ordered both spear units on left flank to stay a bit rear of first line so they can properly react if enemy cavalry try to hit flank, second line was ordered to march behind first line and cavalry on right flank marched protecting right flank and waiting for opportunity to hit flank of enemy army.
Enemy charged as well and they clashed with first line of Croatian-Italian army. While fighting in center lasted, Borna was waiting for opportunity to hit flank. Then he ordered second line to strike. Good effect was made. Enemies didn't last long charge of second line and started to run. But then enemy brought reinforcements too. And that has made their flanks weaker. Borna was waiting for that. He splited cavalry in two units. One was to hit flank directly and second to ride around enemy and hit them from back. He ordered move out for cavalry and first unit of cavalry in which he was in charged enemy flank, and second rode around but got intercepted by Byzantium cavalry which was strong. Borna knew that they won't last long. Cavalry that hit flank did it in last moment since center of Croatian-Italian army started to crack and did crack. But Byzantium infantry was over runner in charge so there were only few units left. Borna then turned on to Second cavalry unit which got intercepted and was in very bad position and very few letf. Borna charged with what remained of unit and helped second unit. Battle lasted for some short time and soon it was over. There was no enemy on sight, and there were very few still standing. Many were lying down screaming, asking for help.

Borna went to city with what remained of army and ordered citizens to go and help his and Italian soldiers. He went with citizens as well and found commander of his bodyguards lying with arrow in arm and pierced armor on shoulder. He picked him up and took him to town where he hardly left him to surgeons to heal his wounds.

Then Borna summoned for other commanders which were fit to come to his tent to make further plans....
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