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zaini jutt: hello
Gralin the Spirit Born: or were mostly bleach blonde, I pulled the 100% out of nowhere.
Gralin the Spirit Born: THEY DO HAVE ONE FAMOUS TRAIT! Picts were bleach blonde nearly 100% of the time.
Gralin the Spirit Born: Especially since they put up that resistance while at constant war with each other and the south >.>
Gralin the Spirit Born: I suppose if I had to spend 100 years of war and death just to annex a divided country of like 100 tribes I'd be less than inclined to leave any chance of survivors uniting and rebelling too
Gralin the Spirit Born: Scotts supposedly did incorporate some things. over a century of annexation tribe by tribe tends to lend itself to some melding. But the actual pictish culture was wiped out except for such untraceable fragments
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