Profile of Galadrielle Old Nanny


husband/wifePaulo V
children1 daughters / 1 sons
age44 years (begin 10.1109)
ranking-listrank 21 / 118 points
bloodline 1. Ancestor generation:

(+) memo:

Premium-Players only.
registered: 29743
active:         63
online:         12
Tech-Mod-Smelgar III: And cnversely German owrds got censored - for example Sauron was verboten as it contained "Sau"!
Tech-Mod-Smelgar III: There used to be censorship - however it was in Gemran, so plenty of English words got through...
Freja Nielsdatter:
Gaya de Hautecoeur: :
* Gaya de Hautecoeur try some words... fish crop stock palace storehouse
Gaya de Hautecoeur: again ? is there a censorship deamon in the tavern ?
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