Profile of Davin Castamir


children2 daughters / 1 sons
age48 years (begin 11.1108)
ranking-listrank 12 / 203 points
bloodline 1. Ancestor generation:
      F: Kokoon
2. Ancestor generation:
      F: Band Salad
3. Ancestor generation:
      F: Kokoon

(+) memo:

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registered: 29733
active:         53
online:         3
Council-Alrik III: Saved a t since the apostrophe was stolen^^
Council-Alrik III: May ain grey starts on 14th
Gaya de Hautecoeur: Now where will sit the next turney ? France or Saxony ?
Tech-Mod-Smelgar III: If we take your chosen smiley as evidence, that does seem to be the case...
Council-Alrik III: You summoned me
Tech-Mod-Smelgar III: Alrik III, that is
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