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Game rules

  1. 1. Players dignity

    The dignity of the players is untouchable.
    Whoever insults another player can be banned from the game. This can be a ban on time or a permanent ban, depending on the severity of that insult.

  2. 2. Boards


    The following principles should be followed in boards marked with (!!!Roleplay!!!):

    The principle of location: You can only write about the place you are located at this moment. There has to be a reference to the game. (A knight who is in Scandinavia at this moment cannot write as if he was in the Middle East)

    The principle of autonomy: Only the player himself is allowed to write about his knight or persons (NPC – Non player characters) in the environment of that knight. The inventer of an NPC holds all rights of this special NPC. Nobody else has the right to decide what this knight or one of his NPCs shall do or think (An exception is made if things really occurred, e.g. in a battle).
    Included is the right of your own words. No other knight or NPC can hear the words of a knight or a NPC if their owner didn't intended this.

    The principle of reality: Remember this is an medieval game. The language should be appropriate. There is no need for perfect medieval language, but good English essay style should be the standard. Curses an insults are possible in RPs, but please watch our how often you use such phrases. Also, they should conform to the Middle Ages. Sexual insults are not allowed. They tend to lead the RP towards pure insulting, which is not the aim of our RP board. Please mind the rank of the person you are dealing with. A knight insulting a king will not have the smallest chance. Posh titles like “My Lord” or “Your Highness” are nice to see, but not necessary. Mentioning the title of a higher ranked person is recommendable since it shows your respect. Please consider logical correctness as well as the basic laws of nature. A knight cannot be at to places at the same time and he is only a human and sure cannot spit fire or anything like that. His weapons are also just regular weapons without any special powers.

    The principle of roleplay: Passages from real life marked by comments like “ooc”, “rpg off” or “rl” are not allowed. All posts have to be roleplays. Once your post has been made, it should stay the way it is, and not be changed. A saved post is to be treated like spoken words or a sent letter: it cannot be taken back!

    Written is written: If a post is written its content has to stay unchanged. Adjustments because of flaws in speech or spelling are allowed. A post is like a dispatched letter or a spoken text - you can't change it anymore.

    Merging of threads: If it happens that the stories of different threads merge at one point, only one thread is allowed to continue the story. Two threads with the same story result in flaws.

    Prerogative of a thread: The founder of a thread is not its owner and has no prerogative. The mods intervent only in case of a breach of the rules.

    1) The moderators of a board is not bound to inform a composer of the changing of a post.
    2) The moderators do not moderate any posts related to their own character or their own nation.
    3) The moderators do not delete a post but only edit it, by replacing the text of the post with the reason of the modification.

  3. Boards of the nations

    Every nation has its own board. These boards are moderated by the kings and chancellors only. They make the rules there. Punishments can only be carried out inside the nation. This can be anything, the knight could even be banned from the nation.

  4. Tech-board

    Only posts with tech-based content are allowed here. Vendettas, accusations or flames are forbidden.

  5. 3. The Knight

    It is the aim of this game to create a prosperous knight.
    We do not approve of knights who show no development in the domain of fighting and are only in this game to spy on other nations.
    We also do not approve of knights who do play the sandbag for other knights (constant duels without weapons or armor) to push these other knights.

  6. 4. Spam

    Neither at the board, the message system nor the chat it is allowed to compose senseless posts (spam).
    Nothing will be said against jests or kidding but only as long as the others are not annoyed above a tolerable extent.

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