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to the moderators

LOST TEMPLAR TREASURES!      09.05.2017 18:38:44 --- 10 Months, 1 Week ago  

I am making an idea!
This can make also use the idea of Donabella!

We all send Army to (413)BAMOS and make turns to attack Templar castle. Is empty, so like I saw in past maybe 12 knights to win.
From there we can find new "discovery" to search in other places and at times we all can fight each other along the path!
Of course Jerusalem is included if Bartholomew makes no problem with it after. We can even Aragon, or Byzanz or Serbia or even wild vikings.
Other empty castle of dying kingdoms can be used too. Maybe some stay alive just to fight us on this???

Is this a good help to your plan Donabella? When the castle falls we can all change diplomacy to see if we can defeat the kingdom or kingdom and allies that won the castle.
We get RP (make in Nations thread under new topic Templar treasure -all knights can post!)
, we get motivation, we get safe homes (mostly) we get changing diplomacy for friend vs friend and foes become friends. All just for fun and not just for destroying!

The ones who win Templar castle (alone or as a team) will have the say where is the next target. Sound good?
NO ACTIVE capitals who do not volunteer for making self targets!
All should find fallback regions nearby to make it all move faster.

Please say your feelings. all.



Leon is looking for active nations, willing and able to lead an army to the field of battle for some war games.

Possible objectives of a war:
1. Fight for the priviledge to dig up the fields near Aragon 64, in order to find the lost treasury of the Aragonese kings.
2. Fight to be the first to dig up the fields around Augsburg 135, where rumors have the holy grail buried.

Tourneys after the war.

Or any other interesting idea and location brought forth.

Who wants to join in?

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Athanasius Fidelis

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to the moderators

Re:LOST TEMPLAR TREASURES!      09.05.2017 21:16:24 --- 10 Months, 1 Week ago  
If you are taking the nation with you I am in for this Joscelin.
I do not see us having big wins if we are alone though so polish up your diplomatic hat.

This also leaves some room for the personal side quests that exist in the KH engine, especially duels, and show duels when we all get crowded up on the same targets.
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