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TOPIC: Re:A Paris Meeting
Magdaline Boru

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A Paris Meeting      21.12.2017 21:19:53 --- 5 Months, 4 Weeks ago  
The panels on the front of her tent had been tied back to the supports so that light flooded into it's front room, but the torches had still be lit to provide more light in the back reaches of the room. Her desk had been moved towards the back, in a corner, so that comfortable chairs and a low table could be set upon the thick, woolen carpets that created a floor to the tent. The table was set at one end with decanters filled with various wines, next to goblets ready to be filled. Plates heaped with sweetmeats, cheeses, cold meats and bread were arranged at the other end with trenchers bracing the platters, ready to be filled should they wish to eat. Word had reached her that her husband would soon arrive, thus the preparations had been readied for their first meeting.

Magdaline was dressed in pale green, with the back lacing of ribbon in a slightly darker shade. The lining of her sleeves where the same dark green. His gift to her, an emerald pendant, hung about her neck. Her thick, auburn hair was parted in the center and then plaited, intertwined with the same light and dark green ribbons. The braid was then placed in a tight silk case of dark green, which came about half-way up the plait from the bottom, and had little gold tassels hanging from the end of the case. A wisp of a scarf, the color of mist, covered her head and floated about her shoulders and arms.

Too nervous to sit, she stood behind one of the chairs, her hands resting lightly upon it's back, her hazel eyes scanning the people as they passed before her tent, wondering which was Lord Nasaf.

Where there is courage, there is honor
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Aaron Nasaf

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Re:A Paris Meeting      27.12.2017 22:54:57 --- 5 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Aaron only took a few knights with him as he wrote for Paris. He forwent pompous style for speed as he wanted to reach and claim his wife as soon as possible. Once he arrived in Paris, he was dirty and sweaty. Although you could still see, that his clothing was expensive and with style and his weapons excellent - only few would have guessed, that the Vicarius of the Papal States was about to enter Paris.

He rode to the field there the tournament was held and looked immediately for the banner of the knights of Saxony. Once he could make them out, he turned his horse in that direction. He didn't want to waste any more time. He
alighted from his horse as he reached the tents of Saxony and ask for Lady Boru. Aaron was eyed with distrust, but they brought him to her tent nonetheless.

At seeing his young wife for the first time - dressed in a pretty green dress and his emerald on her neck - he was stunned for a moment. But then he rushed to her, bent his knee in front of her and cried. "My lady will forgive me for not being proper dressed, but I was riding from Croatia like the wind to meet you here. I am Aaron Nasaf - at your service. I hope my lady can forgive me - but it was only my love, that brought me directly to your fair self, not to be bothered to waste any more time."

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Magdaline Boru

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Re:A Paris Meeting      28.12.2017 03:20:31 --- 5 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
In the distance, she saw one of the Saxony knights direct a man towards her tent. He approached the tent with quickening steps, but upon reaching the opening he halted. For a moment she wondered if perhaps he'd been directed to the wrong tent, for he just stood gazing at her. Magdaline could not decipher the look upon his face, was it disbelief? Or surprise? Before she could make a determination, he covered the distance between them quickly and bent upon one knee.

She noticed that, although his clothing was of excellent quality and finely made, it was covered in the dust of travel and she could smell the scent of horse and leather upon him. He spoke of his haste in traveling to her and his reasons for appearing before her in such a state. Both his appearance and his words brought a warm glow to her eyes and a smile, which dimpled her cheeks, to her lips. This then, she thought, was a man whom she could love. He might be careful of his appearance, but not to the point of unseemly vanity. He seemed also a man well-grounded and sure of himself, but not egotistical. Magdaline extended her hand to him. “My Lord, please rise and make yourself at home. I can assure you that your appearance does not offend me.” Her smile turned into a quick grin, “Some might find my feelings upon the matter unusual, yet I am quite pleased that you feel comfortable enough to come to me directly upon your arrival. There is food and drink available. It is unfortunate that I am not familiar with your tastes in these things but, perhaps, you will find something which pleases you.”

Where there is courage, there is honor
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