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TOPIC: [ORP] Exploring Possibilities
Kalle Redman

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[ORP] Exploring Possibilities      06.12.2018 16:02:36 --- 5 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
"Boring! How is it that everything is so impossibly boring?! Oh don't look at me like that Bron. When was the last time we wen t out and did something truly exciting?" Kalle huffed and paced the length of his tent.

Bronwyn rolled his eyes and answered back, smirking, "Well there was that one lass at the bonfire a few night passed."

"She sure made a fool of you at least, you old dog. It was worth a good laugh I'll give you that, but prancing vixens and drunken bonfires can be had any time. I want to do something meaningful . All this travelling and living like vagabonds is fun but there is no spark. No grand story to tell the children." Kalle finally stopped to sip at the hot bitter liquid one of the natives of Al Djazair had given him not long ago. It was strong but strangely addictive, for something with no spirits to mess with your head. Kalle wondered if maybe his father was right about serving one's nation giving a great sense of accomplishment. It had been nearly three years since the argument that had ended in Kalle storming out into the night never to return. Bronwyn, a man in his early 20's at the time, had found Kalle as a scraggly young lad trying to sneak into the stables to steal horse. Rather than correct the boy, Bron pretended to be attempting to do the same and tricked Kalle into picking Bron's pack horse from the lot and then let him go. He knew well enough whose kid he was and where any aspiring adventurer would likely go first, so had not been too concerned as he gathered all of his gear onto his other horse and went to reassure the boy's father that he would never be alone in the world. Kalle stares into his coffee mug, trying to hide the fond smile that tugged at his mouth as the memory of Bron catching up to him and guiding him entered his mind unbidden.

"You have to have children first before you can be telling them stories, boy." Bron grunted, annoyed with the 'old man' jest. He wouldn't let on just how relieved he was that the kid finally seemed to be looking towards the future though. He had lead Kalle all over trying hard to show the boy that there were some perils best left to those that know how to handle them. Not all adventures were waiting for some young adventurer with a chip on his shoulder to come conquer them. Somethings required unity, strategy, and most importantly great allies to help one through the troubled times.

"There will be plenty of time for that, but until then, I could always settle for telling stories to other people's children." Kalle grinned and winked. "Regardless, I think it is time we went home. I....I should at least let the old man know that I have not died... yet."

"If you do not show your father any more respect than that, he may see to it that you are soon enough." Bron reprimanded a bit more sternly than he had intended. He shrugged and shook his head a little. The boy did not know that he had been keeping steady correspondence with his father, or that lately his father had not been doing so well. "It is about time you got a belly full of all this merriment. I am not sure my old heart can handle another stunt like the other night." His tone as he spoke the word 'merriment' oozed with sarcasm and indeed the whole line was done theatrically.

His efforts were rewarded with a chuckle from Kalle, as he gathered the maps and spread them over the make shift table and the two then began to plot a course for Poland. It would be good to be home again.
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