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TOPIC: Re:Royal Wedding Tournament
Luis de Montagne

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Royal Wedding Tournament      13.03.2017 11:16:00 --- 1 Year ago  
Burgundy is at standstill as people flock from all over the country to the royal wedding between her majesty, Donabella, Queen of Leon and the burgundian Grand Duke, Luis de Montagne.

In all inn's there is no other talk. Nobody could imagine something like this happening. "Have you seen her?" - "Is she pretty?" - "Leon? Where is Leon?"

But also the minister's are having loss discussions. Chacellor Guy and Don Ramon meet again and again. "The ceremony will be held by the bishop from Burgundy." - "No, it will be done by the bishop from Leon". But in most times they could agree on something like. The ceremony and the sermon will be done by the burgundian bishop and the concrete wedding will be done by leonese bishop. Only in one area there was a bitter defeat for the burgundian chancellor. The first child will go to Leon, regardless of ist gender.

Also the Duke was seeing all the cheers, but all people talking about the royal babies to be expcted made him a bit sad. No one cared for him, there was no cheer that he found someone to share the burden of ruling a nation. No one asking whether he was happy.
When looking out of the windows he was seeing flowers all over the street. The roads were tidy and every house was pretty. Music was played every evening and jesters were entertaining people. Tears where coming out of his eyes. Then he remembered that there must be one person in the world who should have similar feelings and whon he could talk too. If she understands him, that might be a great foundation for their life. He picks some decent flowers and a bottle of wine to walk over...
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Council of Knights
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Re:Royal Wedding Tournament      16.03.2017 19:40:06 --- 1 Year ago  
Finally the queen is there. The wedding can take place.
"Your Grace - you know it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. I will bring the flowers to her - you need to take your place at the church." Dom Ramon plucks the flowers from Luis de Montagne's fingers.

Enjoying his prominent position in the wedding Dom Ramon bustles over to the gate in time to see his queen ride in and with a bow hands her the roses. "Your groom sends these roses with his love. He is waiting for you at church."

Donabella is feeling slightly dazed at the speed with which things are progressing. The sweet scent of the roses takes her back to evenings spent on the terrasses at the castle of Leon, sitting on the lap of her mother Mirabella, surrounded by her siblings and the scent of roses. It is a good memory and a smile softens her face. Taking a deep breath she goes to meet her future - and the man who will share it.

" have and to hold until death parts you?"
"I will," she vows in a firm voice.

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Luis de Montagne

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Re:Royal Wedding Tournament      17.03.2017 09:46:05 --- 1 Year ago  
The burgundian Duke remembered hardly how he reached the queen. She also looked at him and despite her time on the battle field she also looked scary. But when he kneed in front of her and made the formal request she smiled and accepted. Anyway he was a bit disappointed that he was sent away right afterwards, as the bride now needed to prepare herself. Still no talking and sharing of thoughts.
Any further attempt of him to meet his bride ended quickly by someone sending him away.

And then the great day came. The streets flocked full of people. Cheer and laughter everywhere. The ground was heavily filled with flowers and one can barely see a stone.

The cathedral filled with people. The burgundian lords on the right, the leonese on the left. Luis was standing there and could barely await the end of the ceremony. Finally some quiet time with his wife.

When the Leonese bishop asked him he answered with clear and loud voice: "Volo", as he used to answer in the church in Latin.
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