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TOPIC: The Gods
Gregory I

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The Gods      03.09.2010 11:27:54 --- 9 Years, 3 Months ago  
"You mess with us, you mess with the Gods!"

Since the gods cannot be killed (removed) by the mortals, there are only two options available: to worship or to not worship them. In the second case your insignificant person will attract just "by mistake", all the thunders, the plagues and other disasters in the world. You'll be silenced, hit in the head every time you want to rise up and hit in the.. every time you stand down. You'll be an outcast, a leper everybody point out and whisper before or after spitting you out: "He is the one who don't believe in gods!"

So, today, by the will of gods Anno Domini 5.4.1024, I decide that is good for my health to believe in gods.

Another problem arise, because worshiping all of them in the same time won't give you any benefit. Since I'm doing this (must confess to you..) for mercantile purposes only, it will be nice to have some benefits, right?
Zeus is taken, we all worship him *bow before Zeus* I have to decide another applicant for my worship position.
Plenty of candidates: Poseidon tolerance zero less talkative, Hermes, resourceful inventive and Apollo his brother with the lyre, Ares ready for war, Hera or Hephaestus?
There was another one, can't remember his name.

After a long consideration and throwing the dices it come that I should worship Poseidon in particular. Not that I was disappointed because there was better candidates. In fact he partially resemble Thor, one of the gods of my parents.
*bow twice before Poseidon/Thor*

Well, now that I have to live with that and all the benefits being outcast no more, maybe I'll end up liking him..
*people giggle around*
"Hey, I says liking him, not licking him"
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Villow von Vald

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Re:The Gods      24.05.2011 04:38:25 --- 8 Years, 6 Months ago  
Well for us Norse, there is no problem in 'choosing a god', we already know who our gods are.

The big boss is Odin. He sit on his farm Walhalla where he gather and train all the warriors who die valiantly on the battlefield. This so they can assist in the big Ragnarok fight that is going to mark the end of this cycle of things.

He have lots of sons and daughters in addition to brother and sisters, each one divine and specializing in one or another aspect of life. Thor the fighter, Tyr the army leader, Freya the lover, etc etc.

For good measure we also have lots of spirits and magical beings, such as trolls, dwarfs, fae(elves), n√łkker. as well as the many unique local beings that live around the place.

One thing we do NOT believe in though is unicorns, we know where those horns come from and make a pretty penny selling them in the east and south to people who want unicorn horn

Now the super thing about wide Odin is that he is not jealous. When we are off in foreign parts he dont mind in the least that we pray and sacrifice to the local gods of the area. It would be silly not to when they can help and are so much closer to us.

best regards
~ Villow von Vald
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