March Order for knights and armies ---- Shire

field 228 (Stetinum) - owner: Poland --- (500 inhabitants) (help)


Destination Point for Moving

current destination point: field
(only a point for orientation on the map - every move has to be ordered from the current location (field)!)
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Sovn Gralinson: straightswords are more useful since you can half sword it against weaker versions of plate or use the killing hold or w/e where you hold it by the blade and use the pommel as a warhammer
Sovn Gralinson: Against plate it's like any other sword-a glorified club :P
Sovn Gralinson: That said, sabers had quite a lot of slicing mobility and against less than fully armored opponents were exceedingly dangerous due to their cutting power and ability to find weak spots in their kit
Sovn Gralinson: they had advantages but were never that great against armor compared to other weapons-which also meant that they weren't that great against city guard if you started trouble
Sovn Gralinson: swords were normally a side arm anyways, either for self protection by civilians or as a backup weapon when you lost your main
Baran: hello everyone
The Middle-Ages..
A time full of history and

Knights, lords and kings
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Fights, tournaments,
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Weapons and armor, horses,
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